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Office Rental

February 2019

The Gerald's Hotel is renting office spaces.

Includes: 24 hour desk, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, heating, electricity, water, bathroom.

Tel. 0728 134 439

offices at The Gerald's Hotel

The Therapy & Relax Massage

September 2014

Are you looking for some relaxation of your body and mind? Our Front Desk/Reception is happy to provide you with information about massages offered at Gerald's and book your next treatment right away.

Best regards,
The Gerald's Hotel Team

Contact details: Tel. 0330 100 650 | E-mail: office@geraldshotel.com

generosity campaign

The generosity campaign

December 2013

During 8th of December 2013 – 28th of February 2014, The Schweighofer group doubles and donates the revenue obtained from The Gerald's Restaurant & Bar to The Geppetto Daily Center in Radauti.

generosity campaign
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Charity dinner

December 2013

On the evening of December 6th, The Gerald's Hotel hosted a charity dinner organized by The Schweighofer Group with the purpose of raising funds for the Geppetto Daily Center in Radauti.

This initiative by The Schweighofer Group marked the start of this year's generosity campaign.

charity dinner